How to generate .m file from SIMULINK model (.mdl file)?

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hi, i have to use a simulink model and a matlab program for my project. but i need to switch between those to continuously and automatically. (without human intervention.).
so, as it is not possible, i want to generate .m file from simulink model, which can exactly replace the .mdl file output so that, i can include that program in my actual program. the viceversa is also acceptable.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 29 Jun 2011
In case you are at the beginning of your project, you could try to work MATLAB based and include the (same) code within Simulink, e.g. using Embedded MATLAB.
I you have a Simulink model, I do not know if there is a way to bring the model into MATLAB code, but you could always obtain the results in MATLAB bei using the SIM command.

Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 4 Jul 2011
As Andreas suggested, use the sim command to run a Simulink model from MATLAB. There are a lot of other functions that allow you to interact with Simulink from MATLAB.

Destiny Chukwuma
Destiny Chukwuma on 15 Mar 2018
Please I have the same challenge. Can someone assist with specific steps to attempt concoverting block models to .m file so that other programs can be integrated onto it. Thanks
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2018
You would need to understand what all of the blocks do. Some blocks need multiple MATLAB calls.
Also, Simulink is responsible for making sure that all signal values are mathematically self-consistent under the assumption that all feedback is happening simultaneously with the original signal unless there is a deliberate delay block programmed in. You would need to do those calculations yourself.

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