Problems reading UDP packets

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Stuart Layton
Stuart Layton am 28 Jun. 2011
I have data coming in from another computer, in the form of UDP packets, that I'd like to plot in real time. To do this I have setup a UDP object and set a callback to be fired everytime a packet is received. This works pretty well for a few moments. function u = strippedDownReceiver(varargin) = '';
args.rxPort = 5000;
args.txPort = 10000; % shouldn't matter as we aren't txing
args.udpObjBufferSize = 1024*8;
% -------------------------------------------
% Networking variables
% -------------------------------------------
u = [];
nPacket = 0;
% -------------------------------------------
% Start Everything up
% -------------------------------------------
% -------------------------------------------
% Network and Buffer Related Function
% -------------------------------------------
function initNetwork()
u = udp(, args.txPort, 'LocalPort', args.rxPort);
set(u,'BytesAvailableFcn', @udpPacketRxCallback);
function udpPacketRxCallback(obj, event)
data = fread(obj);
%nPacket = nPacket + 1;
%disp(['Packets recieved:', num2str(nPacket)]);
disp('Packet read');
When I run the function the "Packet Read" message is displayed several times but eventually the message stop appearing. Using Wireshark I can verify that packets are in fact arriving on my machine. Also if I execute. fclose(u); fopen(u); the message appears again for a while but eventually stops again.
Am I doing something obviously wrong here? What is the right way to continue reading data off of the network without stuttering or stopping?

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