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ARM Cortex-M4 - Ethernet

Use the ethernet options to specify the host addresses.

You can set the following parameters for ethernet options:

Enable DHCP for local IP address assignment

Select this parameter to configure the board to get an IP address from the local DHCP server on the network.

You can get to know the dynamical assigned IP address through DHCP from the build log shown in the diagnostic viewer.

Local IP Address

Select this parameter to set the IP address of the board.

Set the board IP address according to these guidelines:

  • The subnet address, typically the first 3 bytes of the board IP address, must be the same as the first 3 bytes of the host IP address.

  • The last byte of the board IP address must be different from the last byte of the host IP address.

  • The board IP address must not conflict with the IP addresses of other computers. For example, if the host IP address is, then you can use, if available.

Subnet mask

Specify the subnet mask for the board. The subnet mask is a mask that designates a logical subdivision of a network.

The value of the subnet mask must be the same for all devices on the network.


Set the serial gateway to the gateway required to access the target computer.

For example, when you set this parameter to, it means that you do not use a gateway to connect to your target computer. If you connect your computers with a crossover cable, leave this property as

  • If you communicate with the target computer from within your LAN, you do not need to change this setting.

  • If you communicate from a host located in a LAN different from your target computer (especially via the Internet), you must define a gateway and specify its IP address in this parameter.

MAC Address

Specify the media access control (MAC) address, the physical network address of the board.

Under most circumstances, you do not need to change the MAC address. If you connect more than one board to a single computer so that each address is unique, change the MAC address. You must have a separate network interface card (NIC) for each board.

To change the MAC address, specify an address that is different from the address that belongs to any other device attached to your computer. To obtain the MAC address for a specific board, refer to the label affixed to the board or consult its documentation.

The MAC address must be in the six octet format. For example, DE-AD-BE-EF-FE-ED

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