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C2803x LIN Transmit

Transmit data from target via serial communications interface (SCI) to host


The Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus implements a serial communications protocol for distributed automotive and industrial applications. In particular, LIN serves low cost applications that do not require the bandwidth or robustness provided by the CAN protocol.

The C2803x LIN Transmit block takes three inputs:

  • ID: Set the value of the LIN ID for the LIN transmit node.

  • TX ID Mask: Set the value of the LIN ID mask for the LIN transmit node.

  • Data: Connect this input to the data source.


Many LIN-specific settings are located under Peripherals > LIN in Hardware Implementation > Target hardware resources for your model. Verify that these settings meet the requirements of your application.

  • C2803x LIN Transmit block


Send checksum

Select this checkbox to include a checksum in the last data field of the checkbyte. LIN 2.0 implementations require this checksum.

The default value is unchecked (disabled).

Physical bus error interrupt

The LIN controller node detects when the physical bus cannot convey a valid message. For example, if the bus had a short circuit to ground or to VBAT. This raises a physical bus error flag in all of the LIN nodes on the network. If you enable Physical bus error interrupt, the LIN transmit node generates an interrupt in response to a physical bus error flag.

Bit error interrupt

If you enable this option, the LIN node compares the data it transmits and the data on the LIN bus.

The default value is Disabled.

The TXRX Error Detector Bit Monitor compares data bits on the LIN transmit (LINTX) and receive (LINRX) pins. If the data do not match, the Bit Monitor raises a bit-error flag. When you enable this option, the bit-error flag also produces a bit-error interrupt.

Transmit buffer interrupt

If you enable this option, the LIN node generates an interrupt while it is generating a checksum and setting the Transmitter buffer register ready flag.

The default value is Disabled.


For detailed information on the SCI module, see TMS320F2803x Piccolo Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Module, Literature Number SPRUGE2, available at the Texas Instruments® Web site.