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Impedance Calculator

Compute impedance versus frequency of Impedance Measurement blocks in model

Since R2021b


The Impedance Calculator app uses the power_zmeter function to compute the impedance versus frequency of the Impedance Measurement blocks in your model.

Impedance Calculator app

Open the Impedance Calculator App

  • MATLAB® command prompt: Enter powerImpedance(sys), where sys is a string scalar or character vector that is the name of a model.

  • powergui block: Under Tools, click Impedance Calculator.


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Name of the model under analysis. Enter the name of a model to analyze, then click Update.

Display or update the impedance versus frequency measurement for the model specified in the Model parameter. Click this button when you want the app to take into account any change made to the model. Any previously selected block and displayed frequency response are cleared from the app.

Lists the Impedance Measurement blocks in the model. Select the blocks for which you want to obtain the frequency response. Press Ctrl to select several impedances to display on the same plot.

Choose logarithmic or linear scale for the vertical impedance scale.

Choose logarithmic or linear scale for the horizontal frequency scales.

Frequency vector, in hertz. You can specify any valid MATLAB expression that defines a vector of frequencies; for example, 0:2:1000 or linspace(0,1000,500).

Select to save the data in a variable in the workspace. The name of the variable is defined by the Variable name parameter. The data is saved in the workspace every time you select the Impedance Measurement block in the list.

Name of the variable to save in the workspace.


To enable this parameter, select Save selected Impedance Measurement block data to workspace.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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