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SoC Builder

Build, load, and execute SoC model on SoC-FPGA board


The SoC Builder tool steps through the various stages for building and executing an SoC model on an FPGA board.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Review the model information provided to the tool.

  • Review the memory map and edit it if needed.

  • Set up a folder to store all generated files.

  • Choose between different build actions.

  • Validate that the model has all required components for generating a programming file.

  • Build the model using Xilinx® Vivado® or Intel® Quartus® tool families.

  • Configure the Ethernet connectivity.

  • Load the programming file to your FPGA board.

  • Run the application.

Open the SoC Builder

  • In the model window, select Tools > SoC Builder.

  • MATLAB® command prompt: Enter socBuilder('modelname').


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Programmatic Use

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socBuilder('modelname') opens SoC Builder and loads the specified model into the tool.

Introduced in R2019a