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Class: sltest.testmanager.TestCase
Namespace: sltest.testmanager

Get test case property


val = getProperty(tc,propertyName)
val = getProperty(___,simulationIndex)


val = getProperty(tc,propertyName) gets a test case property.

val = getProperty(___,simulationIndex) gets a test case property. If the test case is an equivalence test case, then specify the simulation index.

Input Arguments

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Test case to get test setting property from, specified as an sltest.testmanager.TestCase object.

Test case property names, specified as one of these options, as a string or character vector. Set these properties by using the setProperty method. The available properties are:

  • "Model" — Name of the model to be tested

  • "SimulationMode" — Simulation mode of the model during the test

  • "OverrideSILPILMode" — Override SIL or PIL simulation mode of block to Normal mode

  • "HarnessName" — Harness name used for the test

  • "HarnessOwner" — Harness owner name

  • "ComponentUnderTestName" — Name of Model block to test

  • "OverrideStartTime" — Override start time

  • "StartTime" — Start time override value of simulation

  • "OverrideStopTime" — Override stop time

  • "StopTime" — Stop time override value of simulation

  • "StopSimAtLastTimePoint" — Stop the simulation at end of input data instead of model Stop Time

  • "OverrideInitialState" — Override initial state

  • "InitialState" — String or character vector evaluated to specify the initial state of the system under test

  • "PreloadCallback" — String or character vector evaluated before the model loads and before model callbacks

  • "PostloadCallback" — String or character vector evaluated after the system under test loads and PostLoadFcn callback completes

  • "PreStartRealTimeApplicationCallback" — String or character vector evaluated before the real-time application is started on target computer

  • "CleanupCallback" — String or character vector evaluated after simulation completes and model callbacks execute

  • "UseSignalEditorScenarios" — Use signal editor scenarios for test input

  • "SignalEditorScenario" — Signal editor scenario name to use

  • "IsTestDataReferenced" — Create test case using test data from an external file, such as an Excel® or MAT file

  • "TestDataPath" — Character vector path to the external file being referenced for creating the test case

  • "Adapter" — Function handle of adapter function to convert test data

  • "SDIViewFile" — Path to a Simulation Data Inspector view file

  • "OverrideModelOutputSettings" — Override model output settings

  • "SaveOutput" — Save simulation output

  • "SaveState" — Save model states during simulation

  • "SaveFinalState" — Save final state of simulation

  • "SignalLogging" — Log signals

  • "DSMLogging" — Log data store

  • "ConfigsetOverrideSetting" — Value to determine override of configuration set

  • "ConfigsetName" — Configuration set override name

  • "ConfigsetFileLocation" — Path to a MAT-file that contains a configuration set object

  • "ConfigsetVarName" — Name of the variable in ConfigsetFileLocation that is a configuration set

  • "IterationScript" — Character vector evaluated for test case iteration script

  • "SimulationIndex" — Determines which simulation a property applies to, applicable to the equivalence test case type

  • "FastRestart" — Indicates if test iterations run using fast restart mode

  • "SaveBaselineRunInTestResult" — Enable saving the baseline run used in the test case, saved in the test result

  • "LoadAppFrom" — Location to load real-time application from

  • "TargetComputer" — Target computer name

  • "TargetApplication" — Target application name

  • "VariantConfiguration" — Name of the variant configuration applied to the model before simulation (since R2024a)

  • "RoadRunnerInstallationFolder" — Installation folder of the RoadRunner application

  • "RoadRunnerProjectFolder" — Project folder of the RoadRunner project

  • "RoadRunnerScenarioPath" — Path to RoadRunner scenario file

  • "RoadRunnerRunInConsoleMode" — Option to run RoadRunner in console mode or graphical mode

  • "RoadRunnerTurnOffPacing" — Option to run RoadRunner scenario with pacing on or off

  • "StopOnFailure" — Option to stop the execution of the RoadRunner test case when a test iteration fails

  • "OverrideRoadRunnerDefaultSettings" — Override the RoadRunner default file and path settings in the Test Manager

Simulation number that the property applies to, specified as an integer, 1 or 2. This setting applies to the simulation test case where there are two simulations. For baseline and simulation test cases, the simulation index is 1.

Output Arguments

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The content of the test case property, returned as a character vector, logical, or scalar value.


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% Open the model for this example

% Create the test file, test suite, and test case structure
tf = sltest.testmanager.TestFile('API Test File');
ts = createTestSuite(tf,'API Test Suite');
tc = createTestCase(ts,'baseline','Baseline API Test Case');

% Assign the system under test to the test case

% Get and check the system under test model

Version History

Introduced in R2015b

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