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Class: slreq.Requirement
Package: slreq

Add requirement to requirements set


req = add(reqObj, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue)


req = add(reqObj, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue) adds a requirement req to a requirements object reqObj with properties and custom attributes specified by PropertyName and PropertyValue.

Input Arguments

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Requirements set or requirement objects, specified as an slreq.ReqSet or as an slreq.Requirement object.

Output Arguments

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The requirement that was added, returned as an slreq.Requirement object.


Add a Requirement to a Requirements Set

% Load a requirements set file

rs = slreq.load('C:\MATLAB\My_Requirements_Set_1.slreqx');

% Add a top-level requirement to the requirements set
req1 = add(rs, 'Id', '5', 'Summary', 'Additional Requirement');

% Add a child requirement to the requirement req1
req2 = add(req1, 'Id', '5.1', 'Summary', 'Additional Child Requirement');

Introduced in R2018a