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Execute Target Computer RTOS Commands at Target Computer Command Line

To enter target computer RTOS commands, type the commands by using a keyboard attached to the target computer or by using an SSH utility (such as PuTTY) to send commands to the target computer from a development computer.

The target computer commands are case-sensitive. For more information, see Target Computer Command-Line Interface.

The command examples use the PuTTy SSH utility. You can download and install this utility from


To run user commands, log in as user slrt by using password slrt. To run the system commands (for example, date, ntdate, ntpd, rtc, or setting the time zone), login as user root by using password root.

  1. Boot the target computer.

  2. Connect the development computer and target computer. In the MATLAB Command Window, type:

    tg = slrealtime;
  3. Start the SSH utility. This example uses PuTTY.

  4. Load the PuTTY session for the target computer and click Open.

    The PuTTY configuration lets you set up the connection to the target computer.

  5. To configure the target computer date, log in to the PuTTY session as user root with password root.

  6. Set the time zone. This example sets the time zone to Eastern Standard Time.

    # env TZ=EST5EDT
    # export TZ=EST5EDT
    # setconf _CS_TIMEZONE EST5EDT
  7. Set the date and time. This example sets the date and time to September 10, 2019 at 11:25 AM.

    # date 091011252019
    Tue Sep 10 11:25:15 EDT 2019
  8. Set the hardware clock from the system date and time.

    # rtc -s hw

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