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Hydraulic Piston Regulator Tuning

This example shows how to tune a lead-lag regulator for a simplified hydraulic piston. The piston model is given by:

PlantModel = zpk(10,[0,0,-10],-1);

An initial controller design using the Control System Toolbox™ yields a controller:

Controller = zpk(-0.15, -3.5, 0.15);

After loading the model and pre-configured Control System Designer, you can design a new controller using Response Optimization.

Requires Control System Toolbox.

Opening the Model and Control System Designer

Open the model and pre-configured Control System Designer using the command


Design Overview

The goal of the design is to fine tune the designed regulator to better reject disturbances. The controller must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The closed-loop peak gain must be less than 1db; this ensures good regulation with minimum overshoot.

  • The output (y) resulting from a unit step output disturbance (dy) must be reduced by 99% within 10 seconds and no more than a 20% overshoot is allowed.

These design requirements have been added to the Control System Designer. To complete the design, using response optimization, click Start Optimization button in the Response Optimization window.

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