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Check definition of signal labels

Check ID: mathworks.jmaab.jc_0008

Guideline: jc_0008: Definition of signal names


Check the labeling on signal lines.

Use a label to identify:

  • Signals originating from the following blocks (the block icon exception noted below applies to all blocks listed, except Inport, Bus Selector, Demux, and Selector):

    • Bus Selector block (tool forces labeling)

    • Chart block (Stateflow®)

    • Constant block

    • Data Store Read block

    • Demux block

    • From block

    • Inport block

    • Selector block

    • Subsystem block

    Block Icon Exception

    If a signal label is visible in the display of the icon for the originating block, you do not have to display a label for the connected signal unless the signal label is required elsewhere due to a rule for signal destinations.

  • Signals connected to one of the following destination blocks (directly or indirectly with a basic block that performs an operation that is not transformative):

    • Bus Selector block (tool forces labeling)

    • Chart block (Stateflow)

    • Data Store Write block

    • Goto block

    • Mux block

    • Outport block

    • Subsystem block

  • Any signal of interest.

This check requires a Simulink® Check™ license.

Check Parameterization

This check does not include sub-checks because the MAB modeling guideline provides only one sub ID.

For reference, the MAB guideline sub ID(s) that are recommended for use by the NA-MAAB and JMAAB modeling standards organizations are:

  • NA-MAAB — No recommendations

  • JMAAB — a

To customize the list of block types to check output signal labels and list of block types to check input signal labels use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor.

  1. Open the Model Configuration Editor and search for check ID db_0140.

  2. Under Input Parameters, select Custom from the Standard drop-down.

  3. Use the List of block types to check output signal labels table and List of block types to check input signal labels tables to delete or add a parameter for the block.

  4. Click Apply and save the configuration.

Results and Recommended Actions

ConditionRecommended Action
Signals coming from Bus Selector, Chart, Constant, Data Store Read, Demux, From, Inport, or Selector blocks are not labeled.Label the signal.

A warning might be thrown if you specify signal propagation from Information Overlays tab on the toolstrip.

Capabilities and Limitations

  • Runs on library models.

  • Analyzes content of library linked blocks.

  • Analyzes content of library-linked blocks. By default, the input parameter Follow links is set to on.

  • Analyzes content in masked subsystems. By default, the input parameter Look under masks is set to graphical.

  • Allows exclusions.

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