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Work with Project Files

In a project, in the Files view, use the context menus to perform actions on the files that you are viewing. Right-click a file (or selected multiple files) to perform project options such as:

  • Open files.

  • Add and remove files from the project.

  • Add, change, and remove labels. See Add Labels to Files.

  • Create entry point shortcuts (for example, code to run at startup or shutdown, open models, simulate, or generate code). See Create Shortcuts to Frequent Tasks.

  • If a source control interface is enabled, you can also:

    • Refresh source control status.

    • Update from source control.

    • Check for modifications.

    • Revert.

    • Compare against revision (select a version to compare).

    See About Source Control with Projects.

In the Files view, if you select, for example a model file, the bottom right-hand pane displays file information, a model preview, and file labels.

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