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Display Library Links

Each linked block has a link badge associated with it. The badge makes it easier to identify the linked block in a model and also displays its link status.

To control the display of library link badges in a Simulink® model, click Display > Library Links and use these options:

  • None — displays no links.

  • Disabled — displays only disabled links (the default for new models).

  • User Defined — displays only links to user libraries.

  • All — displays all links.

If activated, link badges are displayed at the bottom left corner of a linked block. You can right-click the link badge to access link menu options.

The color and icon of the link badge indicates the status of the link.

Link BadgeStatus

Black links

Active link

Gray separated links

Inactive link

Black links with a red star icon

Active and modified (parameterized link)

White links, black background

Locked link

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