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Unable to Deploy Code on an Arduino Board Connected to an ESP8266


When deploying code on an Arduino® board connected to an ESP8266 chip, Simulink® generates this error:

Could not connect to specified Arduino board.

When you deploy the code on an Arduino board that is connected to ESP8266 using serial port 0, it results in a serial port conflict. The conflict occurs because, by default, the board uses the same port, serial port 0, to deploy the code on the Arduino board.


To resolve the issue, perform these steps:

  1. Disconnect the ESP8266 from the board.

  2. Deploy code on the board, as described in Run Model on Arduino Hardware.

  3. Reconnect the ESP8266 and reset the Arduino board. For more information, see Connect ESP8266 to Arduino Hardware.

    The deployed code now starts running on the board.

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