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WiFi MQTT Publish

Publish messages to message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) broker

Since R2022b

Add-On Required: This feature requires the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware add-on.

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Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware / WiFi


Use the WiFi MQTT Publish block to publish messages from your publisher (hardware) to the MQTT broker on the topic you specify in the Topic parameter.


The WiFi MQTT Publish block supports MQTT over TCP/IP sockets only.

The WiFi MQTT Publish block supports these hardware boards.

  • Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

  • Arduino MKR 1000

  • Arduino Nano 33 IoT

  • Arduino® compatible ESP32 – WROOM board

  • Arduino compatible ESP32 – WROVER board



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Specify the message you want the publisher to publish to the MQTT broker as an array of ASCII characters of type uint8.

Data Types: uint8


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The block outputs the status code issued by the MQTT broker in response to the publish request. If the broker accepts the message for publishing, the block outputs 1 at this port. The block outputs 0 when the broker rejects the message. The broker can reject a message for various reasons, such as an incorrect user name or password or if the message requires a protocol version that the broker cannot accept.

Data Types: int8


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Select the MQTT broker service provider that receives, filters, and sends messages to the clients.

  • ThingSpeak — When you specify this option, the MQTT access to your channels is handled by a ThingSpeak™ MQTT broker. To create an MQTT device, follow the steps in Create a ThingSpeak MQTT Device (ThingSpeak).

  • Other — Specify this option when the MQTT access to your channels is handled by other MQTT public brokers such as HiveMQ®, Mosquitto™, and so on.

Configure the same MQTT broker properties as in the MQTT properties.

Specify a topic that the publisher uses to filter messages. A topic can have a maximum of 128 characters. For information on topics and their structure, see Topics in MQTT.

Control how the MQTT broker handles new subscriptions.

  • on — When a new subscription is made to a topic, the broker identifies the message in its database with the matching topic name and sends the message immediately.


    The MQTT broker retains only the last published message related to the specified topic.

  • off — When a new subscription is made to a topic, the subscriber must wait until the publisher sends the next message.


To enable this parameter, set Broker Service to Other.

Enter the time interval in seconds to publish message(s) to the MQTT broker.

Select this option to print the response from the MQTT broker on the Arduino serial port for each publish request.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b