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na_0017: Number of called function levels

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na_0017: Number of called function levels





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The number of levels of sub-functions should be limited, typically to 3 levels. MATLAB® Function blocks that reside at the Simulink® block diagram level count as the first level, unless it is simply a wrapper for an external MATLAB file with a .m extension.

This includes functions that are defined within the MATLAB block and those in the separate .m files.


Standard utility functions, such as built-in functions like sqrt or log, are not include in the number of levels. Likewise, commonly used custom utility functions can be excluded from the number of levels.


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Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > MATLAB Functions > Check the number of function calls in MATLAB Function blocks

For check details, see Check the number of function calls in MATLAB Function blocks.

Introduced in R2013a