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jc_0021: Model diagnostic settings

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jc_0021: Model diagnostic settings


Strongly recommended



MATLAB Versions





The following diagnostics must be enabled. An enabled diagnostic is set to warning or error. Setting the diagnostic option to none is not permitted. Diagnostics that are not listed may be set to any value (none, warning, or error).

Solver Diagnostics

  • Algebraic loop

  • Minimize algebraic loop

Sample Time Diagnostics

  • Multitask rate transition

Data Validity Diagnostics

  • Inf or NaN block output

  • Duplicate data store names


  • Unconnected block input ports

  • Unconnected block output ports

  • Unconnected line

  • Unspecified bus object at root Outport block

  • Mux blocks used to create bus signals

  • Invalid function-call connection

  • Element name mismatch


  • Workflow

  • Code Generation

Last Changed


Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > Model Configuration Options > Check model diagnostic parameters

For check details, see Check model diagnostic parameters

Introduced in R2010a