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Model Referencing

hisl_0037: Configuration Parameters > Model Referencing

ID: Titlehisl_0037: Configuration Parameters > Model Referencing

Set these Configuration Parameters as follows:


Rebuild to Never or If any changes detected.


Never rebuild diagnostic to Error if rebuild required.


Clear Minimize algebraic loop occurrences.


To prevent unnecessary regeneration of the code, resulting in changing only the date of the file and slowing down the build process when using model references.


For safety-related applications, an error should alert model developers that the parent and referenced models are inconsistent.


To be compatible with the recommended setting of Single output / update function for embedded systems code.

Model Advisor ChecksCheck safety-related model referencing settings (Simulink Check)
  • DO-331, Section MB.6.3.1.b 'High-level requirements are accurate and consistent‘
    DO-331, Section MB.6.3.2.b ‘Low-level requirements are accurate and consistent’
    DO-331, Section MB.6.3.3.b ‘Software architecture is consistent’

  • IEC 61508-3, Table A.3 (3) 'Language subset’
    IEC 61508-3, Table A.4 (3) 'Defensive programming’

  • IEC 62304, 5.5.3 - Software Unit acceptance criteria

  • ISO 26262-6, Table 1 (1b) 'Use of language subsets'
    ISO 26262-6, Table 1 (1d) 'Use of defensive implementation techniques'

  • EN 50128, Table A.4 (11) 'Language Subset'
    EN 50128, Table A.3 (1) 'Defensive Programming'

See AlsoModel Configuration Parameters: Model Referencing
Last ChangedR2024a - Removed support of configuration parameter Pass fixed-size scalar root inputs by value for code generation.