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Declare a Mechanical Rotational Domain

The following file, named rotational.ssc, declares a mechanical rotational domain, with angular velocity as an Across variable and torque as a Through variable.

domain rotational
% Define the mechanical rotational domain
% in terms of across and through variables

    w = { 1 , 'rad/s' }; % angular velocity

  variables(Balancing = true)
    t = { 1 , 'N*m' }; % torque



This domain declaration corresponds to the Simscape™ Foundation mechanical rotational domain. For a complete listing of the Foundation domains, see Foundation Domain Types and Directory Structure.

In a component, each node associated with this domain will:

  • Carry a measurable variable w (angular velocity)

  • Conserve variable t (torque)

For more information, see Define Relationship Between Component Variables and Nodes.

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