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Transmission Design Principles and Best Practices

When creating or modifying a transmission model:

  • For a realistic simulation and to prevent acceleration singularities when torques are applied, connect inertia blocks with nonzero inertia values to gear shafts.

  • To specify the engaged and free clutches for proper transmission gearing, set up a clutch schedule. Set all clutch pressures to 0 only if you want to disengage the transmission completely, that is, place it in neutral.

    Do not engage any more or fewer clutches than necessary, at any time during simulation.

  • If you redesign a transmission by adding or removing gears, you might also have to:

    • Add or remove clutches.

    • Redesign the clutch schedule.

    • Add or remove gear shaft inertias.

On the relationship clutch pressure signals to solver choices and settings, see Driveline Simulation Performance.