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Return all associated coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface and coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface objects

Since R2020a


dataInterface = getAllParameters(parameterObj)


dataInterface = getAllParameters(parameterObj) returns all associated coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface (Embedded Coder) and coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface (Embedded Coder) objects.

Input Arguments

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The coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface object that represents a Lookup Table block in the model.

Data Types: string

Output Arguments

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The coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface object represents a Lookup Table block in the model. The coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface object represents the breakpoint set data associated with the Lookup Table block.


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This example shows how to retrieve all the lookup table data interface and breakpoint data interface objects from a model.

Build a model

Open and build a model that contains lookup table blocks.

### Searching for referenced models in model 'ASAP2Demo'.
### Found 1 model references to update.
### Starting serial model reference code generation build.
### Successfully updated the model reference code generation target for: ASAP2DemoModelRef
### Starting build procedure for: ASAP2Demo
### Successful completion of build procedure for: ASAP2Demo

Build Summary

Code generation targets built:

Model              Action                        Rebuild Reason                       
ASAP2DemoModelRef  Code generated and compiled.  ASAP2DemoModelRef.c does not exist.  

Top model targets built:

Model      Action                        Rebuild Reason                                    
ASAP2Demo  Code generated and compiled.  Code generation information file does not exist.  

2 of 2 models built (0 models already up to date)
Build duration: 0h 0m 30.018s

Create a code descriptor object for the model.

codeDescObj = coder.getCodeDescriptor('ASAP2Demo');

Return properties of the Lookup Table parameter.

params = getDataInterfaces(codeDescObj,'Parameters');

The params variable is an array of coder.descriptor.DataInterface and coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface objects.

Obtain the details of the model Lookup Table block by accessing the sixth location in the array.

parameterObj = params(6)
parameterObj = 
  LookupTableDataInterface with properties:
                       Type: [1x1 coder.descriptor.types.Type]
                        SID: 'ASAP2Demo:12'
              GraphicalName: 'tabledata'
                VariantInfo: [1x0 coder.descriptor.VariantInfo]
             Implementation: [1x1 coder.descriptor.DataImplementation]
                     Timing: [1x0 coder.descriptor.TimingInterface]
                       Unit: 'rpm'
                      Range: [1x1 coder.descriptor.Range]
         SupportTunableSize: 0
    BreakpointSpecification: 'Explicit values'
                     Output: [1x1 coder.descriptor.DataInterface]
                Breakpoints: [1x2 coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface Sequence]

Retrieve all the associated coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface and coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface objects.

dataInterface = getAllParameters(parameterObj)
dataInterface = 
  1x3 heterogeneous DataInterface (LookupTableDataInterface, BreakpointDataInterface) array with properties:


Version History

Introduced in R2020a