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Deployment, Integration, and Supported Hardware

Integrate, protect, package, and relocate generated code; deploy generated code to supported hardware

After you finish iterating through code generation and verification for a model, you deploy the resulting code for rapid prototyping, real-time simulation, or production. Deployment involves activities such as setting up the code for sharing between projects or providing the code to a system integrator or vendor. You might:

  • Generate an executable file for validation and testing.

  • Adapt a generated program to run without an external real-time executive or operating system on target hardware.

  • Integrate a generated program with an operating system or board support package.

  • Create static or dynamic library files for reusing or sharing algorithms.

  • Package and share artifacts generated for a model with a third party without revealing intellectual property.

  • Run accelerated simulations and deploy standalone simulations outside of the MATLAB® and Simulink® environment.

  • Relocate generated code files to another development environment.