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Data Dictionary Traceability Table

Insert a table that links data dictionary information to requirements


This component inserts a table into the report. The table links data dictionary information to corresponding requirements. This component reports on the currently open data dictionary. Place this component inside a section, paragraph, or table component.

To use this component, your report setup must include Eval statements that open a data dictionary or determine the data dictionary that is open. To open a template report that shows an example of these Eval statements, at the MATLAB® command prompt, enter:

setedit([matlabroot '/toolbox/slrequirements/slrequirements/+rmide/rmide.rpt'])

Find the Eval statements in the if condition at the beginning of the report setup.

Table Options

Specify information about the table.

  • Table title: Specifies the table title in the generated report.

    • No title: Do not include a title.

    • Object name (Default): Automatically generate a title from the object.

    • Custom: Specify a custom title.

Table Columns

Specify the table columns that you want to include in the report. The Document name, Locations within document, and Requirement keyword check boxes correspond to properties on the Requirements Toolbox™ Link Editor dialog box.

  • Description — Include the description of the requirement. The description helps you to identify the requirement the table is linking to. Leave this box selected to improve the readability of your table.

  • Document name — Include the name of the document where the requirement is located.

  • Locations within document — Include the identifier of a location in the document.

  • Requirement keyword — Include the requirement keyword.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.