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Summary Table Components

About Summary Table Components

Summary table components insert tables that include specified properties for objects into generated reports. Summary tables contain one object per row, with each object property appearing in a column, as shown in the following summary table in the figloop-tutorial report.

Many types of summary table components are available, including:

  • Handle Graphics® Summary Table

  • Simulink® Summary Table (requires Simulink Report Generator™)

  • Stateflow® Summary Table (requires Simulink Report Generator)

The component used in this example represents MATLAB® Report Generator summary table components, all of which exhibit similar behavior

Open the Example Report Template

This example uses the figloop-tutorial report template. To open the figure loop tutorial report template, enter the following at the MATLAB command line:

  1. Run the following command to access the supporting files used in this example.

  2. At the MATLAB command prompt, enter:

    setedit figloop-tutorial

Select Object Types

You can use the Object type selection list to choose Handle Graphics object types for the summary table, including blocks, signals, systems, and models. The figloop-tutorial reports on figure objects.

Add and Remove Properties

You can select object properties to appear in the summary table from the Property Columns pane. To add a property to the summary table, select the property category from the property category drop-down box to the right of the Property columns table. Each property category has its own list of properties, which appear in the field under the box. The following figure shows Main Properties as the selected category.

To add a property:

  1. Select the category from the property category drop-down box.

  2. Select a property in the properties list.

  3. Click the Add property button.

    The property appears in the Property columns table.

To remove a property from the table:

  1. Select the property in the Property columns table.

  2. Click the Delete property button.

    The property name is removed from the Property columns table.


After making changes in the Report Explorer, click Apply to make the changes take effect.

You can define your own properties by entering their names into the Property columns table using valid variable notation.

Set Relative Column Widths

To apply a relative column width to the summary table columns in the generated report, double-click on the Width column of a row in the Property columns table. If you do not specify a value for this field, column widths automatically set.

Set Object Row Options

You can use the Object Rows pane to set options for table rows, including anchor, filtering, and sorting options. Select Insert anchor for each row to place an anchor in each table row in the report. Use the Include figures list to specify what objects to include in the summary table.

Summary table components in figloop-tutorial report on figure objects. For more information on options for these figure objects, see the following sections: