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Create a subform


This component allows you to fill a hole in a form or subform with content based on a subform. Assigning a subform template to an instance of this component populates the instance with a set of hole and page layout components representing the subform template. During report generation, this component executes the Template Hole components in the order in which they appear in the subform template. The Template Hole components in turn execute their children to fill the holes in the output report form.

You can determine the generated content by appending appropriate content-generation components, for example, Paragraph components, to the Template Hole components that populate the Subform component. For more information, see Create Multiform-Based Report Setups.

Subform Options

  • Template type: Specify the template that defines the subform.

    • Library: Select Library to select a template from a document part library. When you select this option, the Source Library Options appear.

    • File: Select File to select a template file as the subform.

  • Source Library Options: If you select Library as the template type, you can set these options.

    • Report form library: Template library of the Report Form that contains this component

    • Parent subform library: Template library used by the Subform component that contains this Subform component. This option appears only if this component is a child of another Subform component and the parent Subform component uses a library as the source of its template.

    • Other library: Template library of a specified template file.

  • Template: If the template type is File, this option specifies the name of the template file that defines the subform associated with this component. If the template type is Library, this option specifies the template file that contains the template library to use as the source for this component's template. This option appears only if you select Library as your template type and Other library as the source of the library.

  • Library template name: Select the name of the subform template from the library of the template in effect for this component.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Inserts a subform.