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Create section template


template =,type)


template =,type) creates a copy of the default section reporter template specified by type at the location specified by templatePath. You can use the copied template as a starting point to design a custom section template for your report.

Input Arguments

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Path and file name of the new template, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Type of template, specified as "html", "html-file", "docx", or "pdf".

Output Arguments

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Path and file name of the template copy, returned as a string scalar. The specified template type determines the file name extension of the template. For example, if the type argument is 'pdf', the file name extension is .pdftx.


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Before you run this example, create a copy of the default HTML Section template in the mytemplates folder. Name the copied template mySection.htmtx. Edit the template as desired. To use the new template for the section, assign its path to the Section TemplateSrc property.

rpt = Report('My Report','html');
sec = Section();
sec.Title = 'Data Summary';
template = Section.createTemplate('mytemplates\mySection','html');
sec.TemplateSrc = template;

Version History

Introduced in R2017b