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Get implementation of reporter


impl = getImpl(reporter,report)


impl = getImpl(reporter,report) returns the DOM object used to implement this reporter in the specified report. The implementation object can help you debug report generation problems.

Input Arguments

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Reporter object, specified as an object of or an object of a subclass of

Example: for a title page reporter

Report, specified as a report object. To create the report input, use

Output Arguments

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Implementation object, returned as a DOM object. The DOM object is usually an mlreportgen.dom.DocumentPart type object.


Get Reporter Implementation

This example shows how to use getImpl to obtain the DOM object used to create a TitlePage reporter. You can use the getImpl method with any type of reporter.

rpt = Report('My Report');
tp = TitlePage;
tp.Title = 'Data Summary';
impl = getImpl(tp,rpt)

Version History

Introduced in R2017b