mlreportgen.ppt.MessageDispatcher class

Package: mlreportgen.ppt

PPT message dispatcher


Dispatcher for presentation generation status messages.


When you create a message dispatcher, the PPT API keeps the dispatcher until the end of the current MATLAB® session. Delete message event listeners to avoid duplicate reporting of message objects during a MATLAB session.


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This read-only property specifies a filter that determines the types of messages the dispatcher dispatches. You can control the types of messages that are dispatched by setting the properties of the filter.

ID for PPT API object, specified as a character vector. A session-unique ID is generated as part of object creation. You can specify an ID to replace the generated ID.

Tag for this PPT API object, specified as a character vector. The generated tag has the form CLASS:ID, where CLASS is the object class and ID is the value of the Id property of the object.

An example of a reason for specifying your own tag value is to make it easier to identify where an issue occurred during presentation generation.





Dispatch a presentation generation status message.


Get the message dispatcher.


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This example shows how to add a progress message to display when generating a presentation.

Create the presentation.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*;
pre = Presentation('myPresentation.pptx');

Create the listener and add it to the message dispatcher.

dispatcher = MessageDispatcher.getTheDispatcher;

dispatcher.Filter.ErrorMessagesPass = true;
dispatcher.Filter.ProgressMessagesPass = false;

l = addlistener(dispatcher,'Message', ...
@(src, evtdata) disp(evtdata.Message.formatAsText));

Create the message and dispatch it before opening.

msg = ErrorMessage('Invalid slide',pre);
dispatch(dispatcher, msg);


Create an error in the program and dispatch the message before opening the presentation.

titleText = Text('This is a Title');
titleText.Style = {Bold};


Delete the listener to avoid duplicate reporting of message objects during a MATLAB session.


Introduced in R2015b