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Create Custom Components

You can create custom components if you want to generate a report that uses functionality that is not available by using the supplied MATLAB® Report Generator™ components. Custom components help you to generate complex content in your report using a single component. For example, you can create a custom component that builds a table and inserts content into the table based on criteria that you program.

After you complete the process of creating a custom component, you can use the component in the report setup file as you can any component.

  1. Open the Report Explorer.

  2. Select one of the component creation choices from the Tools menu:

    • To create a custom component, select Create Component.

    • To create a custom component from an existing component, select Create Component from.

    • To create a component from an existing version 1 component, select Create Component from V1.


    You can also create a custom component by clicking the Create a new user-defined reporting component link in the Report Explorer Properties pane on the right.

    The Report Explorer displays as follows:

    • The Outline pane on the left displays the structure of components you create.

    • The Options pane in the middle lists properties you add to components.

    • The Properties pane on the right specifies the behavior of component properties.

  3. Specify properties of the component in the Properties pane of the Report Explorer.

  4. Specify tasks you want the component to perform by editing the MATLAB files that comprise the framework of the component.

  5. Build the component.


You must restart the MATLAB session before using a new or rebuilt component.

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