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RF Data Objects


RF Toolbox™ software uses data (rfdata) objects to store:

  • Component data created from files or from information that you specify in the MATLAB® workspace.

  • Analyzed data from a frequency-domain simulation of a circuit object.

You can perform basic tasks, such as plotting and network parameter conversion, on the data stored in these objects. However, data objects are primarily used to store data for use by other RF objects.

Types of Data

The toolbox uses RF data objects to store one or more of the following types of data:

  • Network parameters

  • Spot noise

  • Noise figure

  • Third-order intercept point (IP3)

  • Power out versus power in

Available Data Objects

The following table lists the available rfdata object constructors and describes the data the corresponding objects represent. For more information on a particular object, follow the link in the table to the reference page for that object.



Data object containing network parameter data


Data object containing IP3 information


Data object containing mixer spur information from an intermodulation table

Data object containing network parameter information

Data object containing noise figure information


Data object containing noise information


Data object containing power and phase information

Data Object Methods

The following table lists the methods of the data objects, the types of objects on which each can act, and the purpose of each method.


Types of Objects



Extract specified network parameters from a circuit or data object and return the result in an array


Read RF data parameters from a file to a new or existing data object.


Write RF data from a data object to a file.

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