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Supported Elements in Ladder Diagram

The ladder diagram import capability of Simulink® PLC Coder™ enables you to import ladder diagrams created by using Rockwell Automation® IDEs, such as RSLogix™ 5000 and Studio 5000, into the Simulink environment as a model.

Supported Ladder Elements

Simulink PLC Coder supports these ladder elements:

  • Boolean variables

  • Data access to array elements, bus elements, bit, and constant variables.

  • Multiple rungs

  • Simple Jump, Temporary End, and other supported execution control elements.

  • Ladder diagram blocks. See plcladderlib.

  • Ladder Diagram Instructions. See Instructions Supported in Ladder Diagram

  • The L5X data types listed in this table:

    L5X Data TypesSimulink Types
    BOOLBoolean datatype
    SINTInt8 datatype
    INTInt16 datatype
    DINTInt32 datatype
    REALSingle datatype
    TIMERTimer bustype
    COUNTERCounter bustype
    CONTROLControl bustype
    UDTUDT bustype
    AOIAOI bustype
  • Supported ladder diagram tags:

    • Controller

    • Program

    • AOI Tags, such as Input, Output, and InOut

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