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Task Control and Worker Communication

Control task code execution and communication among workers during job and spmd block execution


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addAttachedFilesAttach files or folders to parallel pool
spmdIndexIndex of current worker in spmd block
spmdSizeNumber of workers running current spmd block
spmdCatConcatenate arrays on spmd workers
spmdReduceReduce arrays on spmd workers
spmdPlusAdd arrays from workers in spmd block
spmdBarrierSynchronize workers in spmd block
spmdBroadcastSend data to all workers in spmd block
spmdProbeDetermine whether data is available to current worker in spmd block
spmdReceiveReceive data from another worker in spmd block
spmdSendSend data to another worker in spmd block
spmdSendReceiveSimultaneously send and receive data on worker in spmd block
getCurrentJobGet job object from a worker running a job
getCurrentClusterGet cluster object from a worker in a cluster
getCurrentTaskTask object currently being evaluated in this worker session
getCurrentWorkerGet worker object from current worker
getAttachedFilesFolderIdentify folder on a worker where attached files are copied to
updateAttachedFilesUpdate attached files or folders on parallel pool


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parallel.TaskAccess task properties and behaviors
parallel.WorkerAccess worker that ran task