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Export Cadence® Simulation Data to MAT File

You can export the Cadence® simulation run results to a .mat file after an interactive run result is created. The .mat file can then be imported to the Mixed-Signal Analyzer app. To export the data, launch MATLAB® from Cadence ADE by clicking the M button in the toolbar.

The MATLAB session that opens should have adeInfo in the base workspace.

Run the function adeinfo2msa. Since no name-value arguments are specified, the function creates a .mat file with only the metrics data from the latest Cadence simulation run. The .mat file is saved in the present working directory.

Once the .mat file is generated, the app automatically launches with the imported .mat file.

You can also specify the simulation run type, run name, and test name. Use the name-value pair argument import2msa to determine whether to launch the app with the generated .mat file or just to save the .mat file in the present working directory. Use the name-value pair argument metricsOnly to import only the simulation metrics data for faster performance.

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