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Use Files View

Tap Files to display your files located on MATLAB® Drive™.

  • You can navigate MATLAB Drive using the breadcrumb.

  • To copy a file path to paste at the command line, swipe left on the file you want (iOS). Tap the three dots and then tap Copy File Path.

  • The three dot menu in the upper right gives you the following options for file view:

    • Sort by Name

    • Sort by Date

    • Sort by Size

    • MATLAB Drive Storage Help — Provides information about MATLAB Drive storage.

    • Sync Files Help — Provides additional information about uploading files to MATLAB Drive and syncing files using MATLAB Connector.

iPad only: When you first open the Files View, MATLAB Mobile™ splits the display between File View and the Command Window. To resize the panels, you can move the divider either by using the arrows at the bottom or by dragging the divider to the right or left.

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