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Use Raspberry Pi Camera Board to Capture Images and Video

This example shows how to create a connection to the Camera Board, capture still images, and record video.

Create a connection to the Raspberry Pi® hardware using raspi.

mypi = raspi

Create a connection to the Camera Board and assign the connection to a handle, mycam. You can use Name-Value pairs to override the default values of most properties, like the Resolution property, shown here.

mycam = cameraboard(mypi,'Resolution','1280x720')
mycam = 

  cameraboard with properties:

                    Name: Camera Board   
              Resolution: '1280x720'       (View available resolutions)
                Rotation: 0               (0, 90, 180 or 270)
          HorizontalFlip: 0              
            VerticalFlip: 0              
               FrameRate: 30              (2 to 30)
               Recording: 0              

              Brightness: 50              (0 to 100)
                Contrast: 0               (-100 to 100)
              Saturation: 0               (-100 to 100)
               Sharpness: 0               (-100 to 100)

   Exposure and AWB
            ExposureMode: 'auto'          (View available exposure modes)
    ExposureCompensation: 0               (-10 to 10)
                 AWBMode: 'auto'          (View available AWB modes)
            MeteringMode: 'average'       (View available metering modes)

             ImageEffect: 'none'          (View available image effects)
      VideoStabilization: 'off'          
      ROI: [0.00 0.00 1.00 1.00] (0.0 to 1.0 [top, left, width, height])

Capture and display a sequence of ten snapshots on your host computer.

for ii = 1:10
img = snapshot(mycam);

Each of the 10 snapshots is the latest image captured by the camera.

If the image is upside down, change the orientation of the image.

mycam.Rotation = 180

Read eight images as a 4-D array with timestamp, with the oldest image being returned first.

[imagedata,ts] = readFrame(mypi,8);

You can change the values of many mycam properties listed in the "Name-Value Pair Arguments" for cameraboard.

Record a 10 second video.


Before the specified number of seconds have elapsed, you can stop recording video.


Copy the video from the board to your host computer.


To free up space, delete the video from the board.