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Configuration Options in Admin Center

Admin Center gives you access to session data and options for setting parameters in the mjs_def file.

Export and Import Sessions

By default, Admin Center saves the cluster settings, process status, and test results so the next time the same user runs Admin Center on the same host, that saved information is available and displayed by default. You can export session data so that a different user or a different host can access it by selecting File > Export Session. Browse to the location where you want to store the session data and provide a name for the file. Admin Center applies the extension .mjs to the file name.

You can import that saved session data into a subsequent session of Admin Center by selecting the File > Import Session. The imported data includes the cluster definitions and connectivity test results.


When importing a session file, Admin Center automatically sets its update rate to never (disables automatic updates) so that you can statically examine a cluster setup from the time you save the session for evaluation or for diagnostic purposes.

Change Baseport Setting

The baseport identifies the lowest of several ports used by the mjs process, MATLAB® Job Schedulers, and workers. You need to change the baseport setting in Admin Center only if you have previously modified the BASE_PORT parameter value in the mjs_def file. You can change the baseport setting by selecting File > Change Baseport and providing the new baseport values. For information about mjs_def, see Define MATLAB Job Scheduler Startup Parameters.

Change Shared Secret File

The shared secret file establishes trust between the mjs processes on different machines.

If you have configured the mjs service to require script verification before executing privileged commands, you must specify the path to the shared secret file in Admin Center by selecting File > Change Shared Secret File. You must ensure the path to the shared secret file in Admin Center matches the path you specify in the SHARED_SECRET_FILE parameter in the mjs_def file. For information about the shared secret file and mjs_def file, see Create Shared Secret File and Define MATLAB Job Scheduler Startup Parameters.

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