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Configure NGINX Ingress Controller

The NGINX® ingress controller processes incoming requests to the Kubernetes® cluster and acts as a load balancer for MATLAB® Online Server™. Using the mosadm install-ingress command, you can install a controller that is preconfigured to work with MATLAB Online Server.

If your cluster already has an NGINX ingress controller installed, you must update your controller settings to work with MATLAB Online Server. Settings can vary by controller, but you can use these sample values to update the settings in your own controller.

use-http2: true
hsts: false
hsts-include-subdomains: false
proxy-connect-timeout: 365
proxy-read-timeout: 365
proxy-send-timeout: 365
proxy-next-upstream: "error timeout http_502 http_503 http_504"
proxy-body-size: "100m"


Because MATLAB Online Server has host networking enabled, the number of NGINX ingress controllers must not exceed the number of nodes in the cluster.

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