Select a Base Layer Map

Once you open a web map, you can change the map displayed, called the base layer or basemap, using the Layer Manager. Click the arrow button on the right side of the browser window to view the Layer Manager. For example, you can change the base map to Light Gray Canvas Map. This map makes a good background for displaying vector data. The following figure shows the Layer Manager with the Light Gray Canvas Map selected.

The base layer changes to the Light Gray Canvas Map.

You can also specify the base layer programmatically when you open the web map, by including the name of the layer as an argument to the webmap function. The following example opens the web map browser, displaying the Light Gray Canvas Map. For a list of all the named base layers supported, see the webmap function. The examples includes the optional parameter Wraparound that causes the map display to be truncated at the -180 degree and +180 degree meridians. By default, maps are continuous.

webmap('Light Gray Canvas Map','WrapAround',false)

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