Project light objects on map axes


h = lightm(lat,lon)
h = lightm(lat,lon,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)
h = lightm(lat,lon,alt)


h = lightm(lat,lon) projects a light object at the coordinates lat and lon. The handle, h, of the object can be returned.

h = lightm(lat,lon,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...) allows the specification of any property name/property value pair supported by the standard MATLAB® light function.

h = lightm(lat,lon,alt) allows the specification of an altitude, alt, for the light object. When omitted, the default is an infinite light source altitude.


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Load data.

load topo

Create map.

axesm globe; view(120,30)
meshm(topo,topolegend); demcmap(topo)

Add light, specifying surface reflectance properties and lighting mode.

material([.5 .5 1]); lighting gouraud

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Introduced before R2006a