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lidar.blocked.Adapter Class

Namespace: lidar.blocked

Adapter interface for blockedPointCloud objects

Since R2022a


The lidar.blocked.Adapter class specifies the interface for block-based reading and writing of data. Classes that inherit from this interface can be used with blockedPointCloud objects, enabling block-based stream processing of data.

To implement this class, you must:

  1. Inherit from the lidar.blocked.Adapter class. Your class definition must have this format, where MyAdapter is the name of your custom adapter class.

    classdef MyAdapter < lidar.blocked.Adapter
  2. Define the three required methods for reading point cloud data from disk: openToRead, getInfo, and getRegion.

  3. Optionally, define methods that enable additional reading and writing capabilities.

  4. Optionally, for single-file destinations, define an Extension property that specifies the file extension to use when automatically creating a destination location. The property value must be a string, such as "las". For adapters that store data in a folder, do not add this property, or specify the value of the property as empty ([]).

The lidar.blocked.Adapter class is a handle class.

Class Attributes


For information on class attributes, see Class Attributes.


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The toolbox includes several built-in adapters that subclass from the Adapter class. All these adapters support both read and write operations.

LASStore blocks in a single LAS file
InMemoryStore blocks in a variable in main memory
LASBlocksStores each block as a LAS file in a folder
MATBlocksStores each block as a MAT file in a folder

Version History

Introduced in R2022a