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Use State-Space Estimation to Reduce Model Order

Reduce the order of a Simulink® model by linearizing the model and estimating a lower order model that retains model dynamics.

This example requires Simulink and the Simulink Control Design™ toolbox.

Identify a state-space model with a reduced order that adequately fits the data.

Determine an optimal model order.

nx = 1:9;
sys1 = ssest(data,nx,'DisturbanceModel','none');

A plot showing the Hankel singular values (SVD) for models of the orders specified by nx appears.

States with relatively small Hankel singular values can be safely discarded. The plot suggests using a fifth-order model.

At the MATLAB® command prompt, select the model order for the estimated state-space model. Specify the model order as 5, or press Enter to use the default order value.

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