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Modbus Interface Supported Features

Modbus Capabilities

Industrial Communication Toolbox™ supports the Modbus® interface over TCP/IP or Serial RTU. You can use it to communicate with Modbus servers, such as controlling a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), communicating with a temperature controller, controlling a stepper motor, sending data to a DSP, reading bulk memory from a PAC controller, or monitoring temperature and humidly on a Modbus probe.

Using the Modbus interface, you can do the following tasks, which correspond to the Modbus function codes listed in the table.

FunctionalityModbus Function Code
Read and write coils1, 5, 15
Read discrete inputs2
Read and write holding registers3, 6, 16
Read input registers4
Perform mask writes on holding registers22
Perform write/read (in one operation) on holding registers23

Supported Platforms for Modbus

Industrial Communication Toolbox supports the Modbus interface over TCP/IP or Serial RTU. It is supported on the following platforms.

  • Linux® 64-bit

  • macOS 64-bit

  • Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit