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Supported Data Types and Scope

Supported Data Types

HDL Coder™ supports the following subset of MATLAB® data types.

TypesSupported Data TypesRestrictions
  • uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64

  • int8, int16, int32, int64

In Simulink®, MATLAB Function block ports must use numeric types sfix64 or ufix64 for 64-bit data.
  • double

  • single

HDL code generated with double or single data types can be used for simulation, but is not synthesizable.

When you have floating-point data types, to generate synthesizable HDL code, use:



Fixed point
  • Scaled (binary point only) fixed-point numbers

  • Custom integers (zero binary point)

Fixed-point numbers with slope (not equal to 1.0) and bias (not equal to 0.0) are not supported.

Maximum word size for fixed-point numbers is 128 bits.

  • unordered {N}

  • row {1, N}

  • column {N, 1}

The maximum number of vector elements allowed is 2^32.

Before a variable is subscripted, it must be fully defined.


{N, M}

Matrices are supported in the body of the design algorithm and as inputs to the top-level design function.

Matrices are not supported with the following HDL workflows:

  • FPGA-in-the-Loop

  • IP Core Generation

Cosimulation workflows that use Simulink and SystemVerilog now support vector data types.


Arrays of structures are not supported.

For the IP Core Generation workflow, structures are supported in the body of the design algorithm, but are not supported as inputs to the top-level design function.


If your target language is Verilog®, all enumeration member names must be unique within the design.

Enumerations at the top-level DUT ports are not supported with the following workflows or verification methods:

  • IP Core Generation workflow

  • FPGA-in-the-Loop

Enumerations are supported for Simulink workflows and only for Verilog and SystemVerilog. Enumerations are not supported for VHDL®.

Unsupported Data Types

The following data types are not supported:

  • Cell array

  • Inf

Scope for Variables

Global variables are not supported for HDL code generation.