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Portfolio Creation Using Functions


The instadd function creates a set of instruments (portfolio) or adds instruments to an existing instrument collection. The TypeString argument specifies the type of the investment instrument. For interest-rate-based derivatives, the types are: Bond, OptBond, CashFlow, Fixed, Float, Cap, Floor, and Swap. For equity derivatives, the types are Asian, Barrier, Compound, Lookback, and OptStock.

The input arguments following TypeString are specific to the type of investment instrument. Thus, the TypeString argument determines how the remainder of the input arguments is interpreted. For example, instadd with the type character vector for Bond creates a portfolio of bond instruments.

InstSet = instadd('Bond', CouponRate, Settle, Maturity, Period,
Basis, EndMonthRule, IssueDate, FirstCouponDate, LastCouponDate,
StartDate, Face)

Interest-Rate-Based Derivatives

In addition to the bond instrument already described, the toolbox can create portfolios containing the following set of functions for interest-rate-based derivatives:

  • Bond option

    InstSet = instadd('OptBond', BondIndex, OptSpec, Strike, ExerciseDates, AmericanOpt)
  • Arbitrary cash flow instrument

    InstSet = instadd('CashFlow', CFlowAmounts, CFlowDates, Settle, Basis)
  • Fixed-rate note instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Fixed', CouponRate, Settle, Maturity, FixedReset, Basis, Principal)
  • Floating-rate note instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Float', Spread, Settle, Maturity, FloatReset, Basis, Principal)
  • Cap instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Cap', Strike, Settle, Maturity, CapReset, Basis, Principal)
  • Convertible bond instrument

    InstSet = instcbond(CouponRate,Settle,Maturity,ConvRatio)
  • Floor instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Floor', Strike, Settle, Maturity, FloorReset, Basis, Principal)
  • Swap instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Swap', LegRate, Settle, Maturity, LegReset, Basis, Principal, LegType)
  • Swaption instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Swaption', OptSpec, Strike, ExerciseDates, Spread, ...
    Settle, Maturity, AmericanOpt, SwapReset, Basis, Principal)
  • Bond with embedded option instrument

    InstSet = instadd('OptEmBond', CouponRate, Settle, Maturity, OptSpec, Strike, ...
    ExerciseDates, 'AmericanOpt', AmericanOpt, 'Period', Period,'Basis', Basis, ...
    'EndMonthRule', EndMonthRule,'Face',Face,'IssueDate', IssueDate, 'FirstCouponDate', ...
    FirstCouponDate, 'LastCouponDate', LastCouponDate,'StartDate', StartDate)

Equity Derivatives

The toolbox can create portfolios containing the following set of functions for equity derivatives:

  • Asian instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Asian', OptSpec, Strike, Settle, ExerciseDates, AmericanOpt, ...
    AvgType, AvgPrice, AvgDate)
  • Barrier instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Barrier', OptSpec, Strike, Settle, ExerciseDates, AmericanOpt, ...
    BarrierType, Barrier, Rebate)
  • Compound instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Compound', UOptSpec, UStrike, USettle, UExerciseDates, UAmericanOpt, ...
    COptSpec, CStrike, CSettle, CExerciseDates, CAmericanOpt)
  • Convertible bond instrument

    InstSet = instcbond(CouponRate,Settle,Maturity,ConvRatio)
  • Lookback instrument

    InstSet = instadd('Lookback', OptSpec, Strike, Settle, ExerciseDates, AmericanOpt)
  • Stock option instrument

    InstSet = instadd('OptStock', OptSpec, Strike, Settle, Maturity, AmericanOpt)

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