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Tune Parameters Interactively During Rapid Simulation

The RSim system target file was designed to let you run batch simulations at the fastest possible speed. Using variable-step or fixed-step solvers with that system target file and a tunable parameter data structure, whether you set Default parameter behavior to Tunable or to Inlined, you can create multiple parameter sets. You can run the data sets with the generated executable program (.exe on Windows®). Each invocation of the executable program allows specification of the file name to use for results.

To use the RSim system target file with Default parameter behavior set to Tunable, and without explicitly declaring tunable parameters, see Run Batch Simulations Without Recompiling Generated Code.

You can use the RSim system target file and the rsimgetrtp function to allow a non real time executable program to be passed new data without the need to recompile the Simulink® model. This feature allows you to get a map of the tunable parameters declared in a model and save it in a MAT-file. You can then create your own MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI) or a standalone GUI (independent of MATLAB) to read and write the MAT-file and rerun the executable program to produce new output files.