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Construction of Generated Identifiers

For GRT and RSim targets, the code generator automatically constructs identifiers for variables and functions in the generated code. These identifiers represent:

  • Signals and parameters that have Auto storage class

  • Subsystem function names that are not user-defined

  • Stateflow® names

The components of a generated identifier include

  • The root model name, followed by

  • The name of the generating object (signal, parameter, state, and so on), followed by

  • Unique name-mangling text

The code generator conditionally generates the name-mangling text to resolve potential conflicts with other generated identifiers.

To configure how the code generator names identifiers and objects, see:

The code generator reserves certain words for its own use as keywords of the generated code language. For more information, see Reserved Keywords.

With an Embedded Coder® license, you can specify parameters to control identifier formats, mangle length, scalar inlined parameters, and Simulink® data object naming rules. For more information, see Customize Generated Identifier Naming Rules.