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Shared Libraries and Utility Code

Generate shared libraries and reusable utility code that can be integrated and reused in applications on a development computer

You can generate libraries and utility code that can be shared between model components. A shared library can be a Windows® dynamic link library (.dll), UNIX® shared object (.so), or Macintosh OS X dynamic library (.dylib). You or others can integrate a shared library into an application that runs on a Windows, UNIX, or Macintosh OS X development computer. Uses of shared libraries include:

  • Adding a software component to an application for system simulation

  • Reusing software modules among applications on a development computer

  • Hiding intellectual property associated with software that you share with vendors

You also have the option of setting up shared utility code, which are files that the code generator produces for blocks in a model that share functionality. Models with an identical shared utility checksum can reuse the code in the shared utility files.


Shared Libraries

Shared Utility Code