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Sedan vehicle dimensions


Sedan is one of the vehicles that you can use within the 3D simulation environment. This environment is rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®. The diagram provides the dimensions of this vehicle. The height dimensions are with respect to the vertical ground plane. The length and width dimensions are with respect to the origin of the vehicle in the vehicle coordinate system. The origin is on the ground, at the geometric center of the vehicle. For more detailed views of these diagrams, see the Dimensions section.

To add this type of vehicle to the 3D simulation environment:

  1. Add a Simulation 3D Vehicle with Ground Following block to your Simulink® model.

  2. In the block, set the Type parameter to Sedan.


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Sensor Mounting Locations

In the 3D simulation sensor blocks, use the Mounting location parameter to mount sensors at predefined locations on the vehicle. The table shows the X, Y, and Z positions of the mounting locations relative to the vehicle origin. These locations are in the vehicle coordinate system, where:

  • The X-axis points forward from the vehicle.

  • The Y-axis points to the left of the vehicle, as viewed when facing forward.

  • The Z-axis points up from the ground.

Sedan — Sensor Locations Relative to Vehicle Origin

Mounting LocationX (m)Y (m)Z (m)
Front bumper2.4200.51
Rear bumper–2.4200.51

Right mirror


Left mirror


Rearview mirror


Hood center


Roof center


Specify Sedan Vehicle Dimensions

When simulating a path planner in the 3D environment, the path planner must use a vehicle whose dimensions are consistent with one used in the 3D environment. To make these dimensions consistent, you can use a vehicleDimensions object.

Specify the dimensions of a Sedan vehicle in a vehicleDimensions object. Units are in meters. For an example that uses this object in a path planner, see Visualize Automated Parking Valet Using Unreal Engine Simulation.

centerToFront = 1.513;
centerToRear  = 1.305;
frontOverhang = 0.911;
rearOverhang  = 1.119;
vehicleWidth  = 1.842;
vehicleHeight = 1.517;
vehicleLength = centerToFront + centerToRear + frontOverhang + rearOverhang;

sedanDims = vehicleDimensions(vehicleLength,vehicleWidth,vehicleHeight, ...
sedanDims = 
  vehicleDimensions with properties:

           Length: 4.8480
            Width: 1.8420
           Height: 1.5170
        Wheelbase: 2.8180
     RearOverhang: 1.1190
    FrontOverhang: 0.9110
       WorldUnits: 'meters'