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Retrieve Real-Time Money.Net Data Using Money.Net Web Socket Interface

This example shows how to retrieve real-time data from Money.Net for a symbol. It explains how to subscribe to real-time updates, stop subscription, and process real-time updates using a custom event handler function. The example uses the Money.Net web socket interface to create a Money.Net connection.

To process real-time data updates, you can use the default event handler function. For a different approach, you can write a custom event handler function. To write custom event handler functions with Money.Net data, see realtime. For custom event handler functions, see Writing and Running Custom Event Handler Functions.

This example requires a Money.Net user name and password. To request these credentials, contact Money.Net.

Create Money.Net Connection

Create Money.Net web socket interface connection c using a user name and password.

username = "";
pwd = "999999";

c = moneynetws(username,pwd);

Retrieve Real-Time Data for One Symbol

Retrieve Money.Net real-time data updates for the IBM® symbol.

symbol = "IBM";

The default event handler mnWSRealTimeEventHandler processes all real-time data updates. To access the code for the default event handler, enter edit mnWSRealTimeEventHandler.m.

The mnWSRealTimeEventHandler function creates the workspace variable IBMRealTime. The mnWSRealTimeEventHandler function populates the table IBMRealTime with real-time data updates. To see the real-time data, open IBMRealTime in the Variables editor.

Stop Real-Time Data Updates

Stop the symbol subscription.


mnWSRealTimeEventHandler stops processing all real-time data updates. The last real-time data update remains in IBMRealTime.

Retrieve Real-Time Data Using Custom Event Handler Function

Define a custom event handler function myfcn. The myfcn function displays Money.Net real-time data to the Command Window.

myfcn = @(x)disp(x);

Retrieve Money.Net real-time data updates for the IBM symbol using myfcn.

symbol = "IBM";

myfcn displays real-time data updates for IBM in the Command Window.

Stop the symbol subscription.


myfcn stops displaying real-time data updates in the Command Window.

Close Money.Net Connection


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