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Database Explorer App Error Messages

This table describes how to address common errors you can encounter while working with the Database Explorer app. For Database Toolbox™ connection errors, see Database Connection Error Messages.

Error CategoryError MessageProbable CausesResolution
Database connectionNo data sources found. Configure a data source before creating a new query.

You clicked New Query before configuring any data sources.

Configure at least one ODBC or JDBC data source. For details, see Configure Driver and Data Source.

Configure JDBC data sourceUnable to find the JDBC driver file on the MATLAB Java class path.

The JDBC Data Source Configuration dialog box displays this message at the bottom of the dialog box. This message is displayed when the JDBC driver for the database, or the driver specified for the Driver option when the Vendor option is set to OTHER, is not found on the MATLAB® Java® class path.

Specify the full path to the JDBC driver file in the Driver Location box of the JDBC Data Source Configuration dialog box. For details, see the databaseConnectionOptions function.

SQL statementsDatabase Explorer supports one SELECT SQL statement only.

You entered an incompatible SQL query.

The Database Explorer app accepts a single SELECT statement only. Other SQL statements are not supported.

Create one valid SQL SELECT statement in the SQL Query pane.

Data previewReceived the following message from the database:

If an error occurs on the database server when it executes the SQL query, an error message appears in the Data Preview pane.

This text precedes the exact error message from the database server.

Refer to the error message to determine the issue.

Consult your database administrator for further details.

Data previewError occurred while executing the query on the database.The Database Explorer app returned a MATLAB error while trying to execute the SQL query.

Click the button to view the stack trace. For questions, contact technical support.

Data previewNo data was returned for this SQL Query.

The SQL query executed successfully but did not return any data.

The Database Explorer app displays this error message in the Data Preview pane when previewing data or in a dialog box when importing data.

Use the Database Explorer app to modify the SQL query.

Ensure that the selected table contains data by clicking it in the Data Browser pane.

Data importvariable not a valid MATLAB variable name.

You entered an invalid MATLAB variable name.

Enter a valid MATLAB variable name, such as data.

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